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The company was founded in Chongqing in 2003, developed to Chengdu in 2004 and Shanghai in 2008。With the rise and development of China's convention and exhibition industry and cultural industry, it has witnessed the transformation of China's economy under globalization。From the very beginning,Taihe bears the mission of helping Chinese enterprises build competitiveness and creating China's emerging cultural industry model with an international vision,Establish strategic cooperation with the world's first-class automobile, sports, IT, telecommunications, finance, tobacco, real estate, daily chemical, industrial, trade benchmarking enterprises,We have accumulated cutting-edge technologies, methods, tools and data,A sound system has been established,Pay attention to the actual landing value of the exhibition,Long-term focus on customer continuous development and performance improvement。

In the future, Taihe will not forget the original intention, forge ahead, continue to create China's emerging cultural industry model with an international vision as the goal, and continue to help Chinese excellent enterprises to move forward to the world benchmark。BEST FOR YOUR BEST! Best for your best!